Bears Collision | Rust Repairs
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Rust Repairs

Rust Repairs

Love your car but not the rust spots?  We can fix that!

We do all minor and major rust repair. Our shop is equipped to cut out the rusted areas and weld in patch panels if available or fabricate our own for the repair if not available for your vehicle. Sandblasting is done on site to achieve a clean rust free area to complete the repair.  We undercoat (rust proof) all the areas we repaired to protect the repairs and slow down any reoccurring rust.

Tip: Minor chips in the paint can lead to rust accumulation, a paint touch up can slow down the rusting process.  Make sure to do those touch ups to keep the rust at bay!  If it is more than you can manage, we can do it for you!

Call us to book an appointment for a free estimate.